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Example of Fable

Butterfly: Is It Enough to be Your Self?

Once upon a time, small monarch caterpillar had a dream to be a beautiful butterfly. He had previously heard that every caterpillar had a chance to be butterfly.
In the morning, he told his dream to Red Ant.
“I want to be a butterfly,” Monarch Caterpillar said.
“Why?” Red Ant asked.
“I want to make this garden more beautiful. I want to help the plants by carrying their pollen to another plant. It will help them to make seeds and seeds will make plants. I want to be beautiful butterfly. I want to fly. I will add color to this garden and women will love to see me.”
“Are you kidding? You are just crawling animal. Crawling slowly is your destiny. Be your self! Don’t dream and wait the bird eats you,” Read Ant laughed at Monarch Caterpillar.
Monarch Caterpillar was disappointed with Red Ant’s response and then he moved to the other leave.
When he met Black Caterpillar, he told about his dream to be a butterfly.
“Be your self! To dream will disappoint you. I do not have parents and none told me that I can be butterfly. Just enjoy crawling. Don’t try anything. Don’t try to fly. You are not butterfly. The woman are afraid of you, caterpillar. Too much effort will disappoint you. Just be your self. Do not change anything.” Black Caterpillar gave advice to Monarch Caterpillar.
Monarch Caterpillar was too nice to debate Black Caterpillar. He chose to avoid confrontation. He moved to the other leave. He wanted to grow to be butterfly but when he saw himself, he saw a caterpillar. His friend’s advice made him think that to be a butterfly was not being himself. He had a dream to help the plant, make the garden more beautiful, and attract the women. He wanted to improve himself but on the other hand he wanted to be himself.
A green beautiful butterfly came to him. Green Butterfly was curious to know why Monarch Caterpillar was sad.
“Why are you so sad?” Green Butterfly asked.
“I wanted to be butterfly,” Monarch Caterpillar answered.
“Why do you want to be a butterfly?”
Monarch Caterpillar told his reason to be a butterfly and his friend advice about “being your self”.
“Your friends are right but being a caterpillar is not enough. You should be yourself but do not kill your dream. Don’t reject the opportunity to grow. To do nothing or be passive is not to be your self. “Green Butterfly explained.
“So, can I be a beautiful butterfly?”
“I was a caterpillar but I am a butterfly now. You have opportunity to be butterfly. Keep crawling and find sufficient food. Find the safe place to make chrysalis to protect your self and wait for the process. Believe that you can be a butterfly. Believe that you can fly. Be your best self.” Green Butterfly encouraged Monarch Caterpillar.
Green Butterfly explanation brought hope to Monarch Caterpillar.
“Grow better! Be your best self!” Green Butterfly said, flying to the big tree.
Day by day, Monarch Caterpillar were crawling and feeding. He tried hard to save himself from the predators. Once day, when he was ready to transform, He made protective shell and formed chrysalis. In chrysalis, he turned to be a handsome butterfly.
His dream comes true. He becomes Monarch Butterfly. He can fly. He makes the garden more beautiful. He becomes his best self. Be your best self!

The Frog and the Crocodile
Once, there was a frog who lived in the middle of a swamp. His entire family had lived in that swamp for generations, but this particular frog decided that he had had quite enough wetness to last him a lifetime. He decided that he was going to find a dry place to live instead.
The only thing that separated him from dry land was a swampy, muddy, swiftly flowing river. But the river was home to all sorts of slippery, slittering snakes that loved nothing better than a good, plump frog for dinner, so Frog didn't dare try to swim across.
So for many days, the frog stayed put, hopping along the bank, trying to think of a way to get across.
The snakes hissed and jeered at him, daring him to come closer, but he refused. Occasionally they would slither closer, jaws open to attack, but the frog always leaped out of the way. But no matter how far upstream he searched or how far downstream, the frog wasn't able to find a way across the water.
He had felt certain that there would be a bridge, or a place where the banks came together, yet all he found was more reeds and water. After a while, even the snakes stopped teasing him and went off in search of easier prey.
The frog sighed in frustration and sat to sulk in the rushes. Suddenly, he spotted two big eyes staring at him from the water. The giant log-shaped animal opened its mouth and asked him, "What are you doing, Frog? Surely there are enough flies right there for a meal."
The frog croaked in surprise and leaped away from the crocodile. That creature could swallow him whole in a moment without thinking about it! Once he was a satisfied that he was a safe distance away, he answered. "I'm tired of living in swampy waters, and I want to travel to the other side of the river. But if I swim across, the snakes will eat me."
The crocodile harrumphed in agreement and sat, thinking, for a while. "Well, if you're afraid of the snakes, I could give you a ride across," he suggested.
"Oh no, I don't think so," Frog answered quickly. "You'd eat me on the way over, or go underwater so the snakes could get me!"
"Now why would I let the snakes get you? I think they're a terrible nuisance with all their hissing and slithering! The river would be much better off without them altogether! Anyway, if you're so worried that I might eat you, you can ride on my tail."
The frog considered his offer. He did want to get to dry ground very badly, and there didn't seem to be any other way across the river. He looked at the crocodile from his short, squat buggy eyes and wondered about the crocodile's motives. But if he rode on the tail, the croc couldn't eat him anyway. And he was right about the snakes--no self-respecting crocodile would give a meal to the snakes.
"Okay, it sounds like a good plan to me. Turn around so I can hop on your tail."
The crocodile flopped his tail into the marshy mud and let the frog climb on, then he waddled out to the river. But he couldn't stick his tail into the water as a rudder because the frog was on it -- and if he put his tail in the water, the snakes would eat the frog. They clumsily floated downstream for a ways, until the crocodile said, "Hop onto my back so I can steer straight with my tail." The frog moved, and the journey smoothed out.
From where he was sitting, the frog couldn't see much except the back of Crocodile's head. "Why don't you hop up on my head so you can see everything around us?" Crocodile invited.
"But I don't want to see anything else," the frog answered, suddenly feeling nervous.
"Oh, come now. It's a beautiful view! Surely you don't think that I'm going to eat you after we're halfway across. My home is in the marsh-- what would be the point of swimming across the river full of snakes if I didn't leave you on the other bank?"
Frog was curious about what the river looked like, so he climbed on top of Crocodile's head. The river looked almost pretty from this view. He watched dragonflies darting over the water and smiled in anticipation as he saw firm ground beyond the cattails. When the crocodile got close enough, the frog would leap off his head towards freedom. He wouldn't give the croc a chance to eat him.
"My nose tickles," the crocodile complained suddenly, breaking into the frog's train of thought. "I think there might be a fly buzzing around it somewhere, or a piece of cattail fluff swept into it while I was taking you across the river."
"I don't see a fly," the frog said, peering at the crocodile's green snout. It seemed odd that anything could tickle a crocodile through it's thick skin.
"Would you go check my nose for a piece of cattail fluff, then?" the crocodile begged, twitching his nose. "I'm afraid I'll sneeze and send you flying. I don't want to feed you to the snakes." A tear seeped out of his eye, as if he was holding back a mighty sneeze.
The bank isn't too far, the frog thought. And it's the least he could do to repay him for bringing him over. So he hopped onto the crocodile's snout and checked the nostrils. Just a little closer, and he could jump... "I don't see--" he began.
Just then, with a terrific CHOMP! the frog disappeared. The crocodile licked his lips in satisfaction and gave a tiny half-sneeze. "Good, I feel much better already," he smiled, and turned around to go back home

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Dulu, ada seekor katak yang tinggal di tengah rawa. Seluruh keluarganya tinggal di rawa-rawa untuk generasi, namun katak ini khusus memutuskan bahwa ia punya cukup basah untuk terakhir dia seumur hidup. Dia memutuskan bahwa dia akan mencari tempat kering untuk tinggal sebagai gantinya.

Satu-satunya hal yang memisahkan dia dari tanah kering adalah, berawa-rawa berlumpur, sungai yang mengalir cepat. Tapi sungai ini adalah rumah bagi segala macam licin, ular slittering yang mencintai tidak lebih baik dari katak, baik gemuk untuk makan malam, jadi Kodok tidak berani mencoba berenang ke seberang.
Jadi untuk beberapa hari, katak tetap tinggal, melompat di sepanjang bank, mencoba memikirkan cara untuk menyeberang.
Ular mendesis dan mengejek kepadanya, menantangnya untuk datang mendekat, tapi dia menolak. Kadang-kadang mereka akan merayap lebih dekat, rahangnya terbuka untuk menyerang, namun katak selalu melompat keluar dari jalan. Tetapi tidak peduli seberapa jauh hulu ia mencari atau seberapa jauh hilir, kodok itu tidak dapat menemukan jalan melintasi air.
Dia merasa yakin bahwa akan ada sebuah jembatan, atau tempat di mana bank-bank datang bersama-sama, namun semua yang dia temukan adalah alang-alang dan air. Setelah beberapa saat, bahkan ular berhenti menggoda dia dan pergi mencari mangsa mudah.
Katak mendesah frustrasi dan duduk merajuk dalam bergegas. Tiba-tiba, ia melihat dua mata besar yang menatapnya dari air. Binatang raksasa berbentuk balok kayu membuka mulut dan bertanya kepadanya, "Apa yang kamu lakukan, Katak Pasti ada lalat di sana cukup untuk makan.?"
Katak serak kaget dan melompat jauh dari buaya. Makhluk yang bisa menelannya utuh dalam sesaat tanpa berpikir tentang itu! Setelah ia puas bahwa dia adalah jarak aman, ia menjawab. "Aku bosan hidup di perairan rawa, dan saya ingin melakukan perjalanan ke sisi lain dari sungai Tetapi jika saya berenang menyeberangi, ular akan memakan saya.."
Buaya mendengus dalam perjanjian dan duduk, berpikir, untuk sementara waktu. "Nah, jika Anda takut ular, aku bisa memberimu tumpangan di," usulnya.
"Oh tidak, saya tidak berpikir begitu," jawab Kodok cepat. "Kau akan makan saya dalam perjalanan di atas, atau pergi di bawah air sehingga ular bisa saya!"
"Sekarang mengapa aku membiarkan ular mendapatkan Anda? Saya pikir mereka merepotkan dengan semua mendesis dan merayap sungai akan jauh lebih baik tanpa mereka sama sekali!! Anyway, kalau kau begitu khawatir aku akan makan Anda , Anda bisa naik di ekor saya. "
Katak dianggap tawarannya. Dia ingin mengeringkan tanah yang sangat buruk, dan ada tampaknya tidak akan ada cara lain seberang sungai. Dia menatap buaya dari pendek, mata kereta jongkok dan bertanya-tanya tentang motif buaya. Tapi jika ia naik pada ekor, buaya tidak bisa memakannya pula. Dan dia benar tentang ular - tidak ada buaya bermartabat akan memberikan makan kepada ular.
"Oke, kedengarannya seperti rencana yang baik bagi saya Berbalik sehingga saya bisa naik ekor Anda.."
Buaya menjatuhkan ekornya dalam lumpur rawa dan membiarkan memanjat katak, maka ia terhuyung-huyung keluar ke sungai. Tapi dia tidak bisa menempel ekornya ke dalam air sebagai kemudi karena kodok itu di atasnya - dan jika dia menaruh ekornya di air, ular makan katak. Mereka kikuk mengambang hilir cara, sampai buaya mengatakan, "Hop ke punggungku sehingga saya bisa mengarahkan lurus dengan ekor saya." Katak pindah, dan perjalanan merapikan.
Dari tempat ia duduk, katak tidak bisa melihat banyak kecuali bagian belakang kepala buaya. "Mengapa tidak Anda melompat di atas kepala saya sehingga Anda dapat melihat segala sesuatu di sekitar kita?" Buaya diundang.
"Tapi aku tidak ingin melihat hal lain," jawab katak, tiba-tiba merasa gugup.
"Oh, ayolah Ini pemandangan indah Tentunya Anda tidak berpikir bahwa aku akan makan Anda setelah kami melintasi setengah rumah saya adalah di rawa -.. Apa yang akan menjadi titik berenang melintasi sungai penuh ular jika saya tidak meninggalkan Anda di bank lain? "
Katak penasaran tentang apa yang tampak seperti sungai, jadi dia naik di atas kepala buaya. Sungai tampak hampir cantik dari pandangan ini. Dia mengamati capung melesat di atas air dan tersenyum di antisipasi ketika ia melihat tanah perusahaan di luar cattails. Ketika buaya cukup dekat, katak itu akan melompat dari kepalanya ke arah kebebasan. Dia tidak akan memberikan buaya kesempatan untuk memakannya.
"Menggelitik hidung saya," keluh buaya tiba-tiba, membobol kereta katak pemikiran. "Saya pikir mungkin ada lalat berdengung di sekitar suatu tempat, atau sepotong bulu Cattail menyapu ke dalamnya ketika aku sedang membawa Anda ke seberang sungai."
"Saya tidak melihat lalat," kata katak, menatap moncong buaya hijau. Rasanya aneh bahwa apa pun bisa menggelitik buaya melalui kulit yang tebal itu.
"Apakah kau pergi memeriksa hidung saya untuk sepotong bulu Cattail, lalu?" buaya memohon, hidungnya berkedut. "Aku takut aku akan bersin dan mengirim Anda terbang aku tidak ingin makan Anda ke ular.." Air mata merembes keluar dari matanya, seolah-olah ia sedang menahan bersin yang kuat.
Bank tidak terlalu jauh, katak pikiran. Dan itu yang paling dia bisa lakukan untuk membalasnya untuk membawa dia atas. Jadi dia melompat ke moncong buaya dan memeriksa lubang hidung. Hanya sedikit lebih dekat, dan ia bisa melompat ... "Saya tidak melihat -" ia mulai.
Hanya kemudian, dengan Chomp hebat! katak menghilang. Buaya menjilat bibirnya dalam kepuasan dan memberikan setengah kecil-bersin. "Bagus, aku sudah merasa jauh lebih baik," dia tersenyum, dan berbalik untuk pulang

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